Black & Black Product Guarantees

Black and Black Guarantee

All Black and Black instruments are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This guarantee applies only when instruments are used for their intended purpose.

Black and Black Surgical SuperCut scissors are guaranteed to stay sharp for as long as you own the instrument. The Onyx-Line and Micro-Onyx Line of needle holders and tissue forceps are guaranteed against wear under normal conditions for 5 years. The Black Diamond™ and Onyx-Line bone rasps are guaranteed against wear for 1 year.

Electronics to include video cameras, light sources, and monitors are guaranteed for 1 year under normal conditions. All endoscopes are guaranteed for 1 year under normal conditions.

Any defective Black & Black Surgical instrument will be repaired at no charge at the sole discretion of Black & Black Surgical. After this guarantee period, service and maintenance are available for a nominal charge.


Repair, alterations or modifications of any product by persons not authorized by Black & Black or abuse of products (physical or chemical) will result in immediate loss of guarantee.

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