LumiView™ Cool Light Fiber Optic Retractor System

The LumiView™ Cool Light Fiber Optic Retractor System provides a less invasive way to harvest the saphenous vein. Minimally invasive saphenous vein harvesting allows the vein to be resected through several small incisions versus a single large incision. The single-use light panel easily snaps together with the retractor to deliver cool, bright, even light throughout the tunnel. Bright distal tip illumination provides excellent visualization of the vein.The LumiView™ Fiber Optic Retractor System converts traditionally hot Xenon, Halogen light into cool, directional, uniform illumination.
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and firm grip
  • Interchangeable blade design
  • Angled atraumatic tip for optimal retraction
  • Full blade illumination for optimal surgical viewing. The blade never gets hot
  • Light panel delivers cool, directional, uniform illumination
  • A variety of blades and light panels, used with one retractor handle, provides economy and diversity for a wide range of procedures.

Lumiview™ Light Panels (Sterile, Disposable)


Blades for Lumiview™ Retractor System

Lumiview™ Blade
Lumiview™ Blade With Suction
Aluminum Lumiview™ Blade

Lumiview™ “Midi” Size Retractor Blades


Lumiview™ “Mini” Size Retractor Blades


Lumiview™ Lighted Retractor Handles

The ergonomically designed Lumiview™ handle enhances maneuverability and accelerates the ability to capture deep pocket visualization.


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