Instrument Care & Sterilization

Black & Black Surgical is committed to providing premium service beyond product sales. Professional instrument care & repair are an integral part of our relationship with you.

Guidelines for Cleaning & Sterilization (PDFs)

IFUs (Instructions For Use) for specific instruments

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Please Read Carefully!

Proper care and handling is essential for satisfactory performance of surgical instruments. The following steps should be taken to ensure long and trouble-free service from all your Black and Black instruments.

  1. Inspect instruments before each use for broken, cracked, chipped, or worn parts.
  2. Use instruments for their intended surgical purpose, only.
  3. Clean instruments properly after each use:
    • After use in surgery, instruments should be placed in distilled water or a neutral pH pre-soak detergent — NOT in saline or other chloride solutions.
    • Instruments should be cleaned in the open position by hand, ultrasound or washer-sterilizer.
    • A non-metallic scrub brush or pad may be used to remove stubborn debris.
    • Regardless of cleaning method, use only a neutral pH (6-8) detergent. Use of acidic or alkaline detergents will remove chromium oxide from surface of stainless steel causing pitting or breakage of instruments. The Black and Black guarantee may be voided if instruments are continually exposed to high acid (pH4 or lower) or high alkaline (pH10 or higher) detergents, disinfectants, stain removers, etc.
    • Instruments should be thoroughly rinsed moments after cleaning to remove any residual debris or cleaning agent.
  4. Lubricate and protect your instruments:
    • It is important that all instruments be thoroughly lubricated:
      • After every cleaning and before autoclaving
      • With a steam and ETO permeable instrument lubricant. We recommend a neutral pH product such as the original Instrument Milk.
    • Immerse instruments in open position for best penetration and protection.
    • A proper lubricant will leave a thin film which lubricated moving parts and acts as a deterrent to corrosion and staining.
    • Let instruments drip dry for a few moments before wrapping for autoclaving.

Black and Black has taken great care in manufacturing the highest quality instruments for your surgical needs. We hope you follow the above steps to preserve this quality over the long life of the instruments.