Emory Endoscopic Plastic Retractors

7 in (18cm)
B652007 in (18cm)
B6521710 in (25cm)
B652187 in (18cm)


These versatile intruments are designed for ease of use in a broad range of endoscopic procedures such as transaxillary breast augmentation, corrugator and procerus resection, muscle flap harvest, and tissue expander placement. These minimally invasive instruments, combined with new visualization technology, have made possible revolutionary advances in aesthetic surgery. Ergonomically designed retractors allow single-handed maintenance of subcutaneous pocket while simultaneously providing traction and counter traction, leaving the dominant hand free for dissection. These retractors feature special scope guides which will hold the endoscope in position under the blade. Some patterns have incorporated suction which ensures optimal visualization by constant smoke evacuation. Designed to work optimally with the EndoPlastic Scope but can be used with standard size 10mm or 5mm endoscope. Extensive dissections such as the breast, trunk, or extremities can easily be done with the larger retractors and the 10mm endoscope. Endoscopic abdominoplasty is possible with the long blade retractor and electrosurgical dissecting instruments. The narrow retractors are designed for facial aesthetic procedures and are available to accommodate both the 10mm and 5mm endoscopes. When incision space is limited, the 5mm retractor and endoscope are preferred.

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Dimensions 7 in

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