Gorney-Freeman Serrated Supercut Scissors, 9″(23cm), Curved

Item # B55996

9 in (23cm)


These special scissors were designed to facilitate precise and rapid dissection of facial tissue through small incisions. They feature serrated double-beveled blades, semi-sharpened on the outside edge so they will pass through tissue with less resistance. The tips of the blades are flattened and tapered for precise dissection and to prevent “buttonholing.” Rapid dissection is accomplished by tensing the skin back and “running” the scissors with the tips spread slightly thereby creating “channels.” The unique design of the blades will then allow for the efficient interconnecting of these channels for precise facial and neck flaps. Spread (open) shanks conform to the normal resting position of the hand thereby improving control and reducing fatigue.facelift scissors, face lift scissors, face-lift scissors

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Dimensions 9 in

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