Gruber Rhinoplasty Set


Gruber Rhinoplasty Procedure Set

B 67227
Useful for reforming soft tissue.
B 67224
Graduated in millimeters with bold centimeter markings.
B 61038
For use with Gruber cutting block.
B 61037
For use with Gruber cutting block.
B 61035
Cutting block for use with Gruber nasal tip sizers & cartilage grid. Space for aluminum cartilage grids.
B 67615
Features 3 mm, flat tips and thumbscrew for locking caliper.
B 61025
Delicate nasal retractor with concave blade for increased exposure. Ergonomic handle design with curved end for fingerhold.
B 50110
Also known as "Baby Mayo Hegar". Use with 2-0 or finer suture.

5-1/2"(14cm), 4000 Jaw

B 60045
Stainless steel with small multiple teeth.
B 60053
Stainless steel with serrated jaws.
B 61053
Delicate, double-ended retractor useful in nasal, hand or eye surgery.
B 61532
Large hook on long shaft provides excellent retraction of scar tissue.
B 62113
Also known as the “D” Knife
B 62003
Holds Bard-Parker Blades 10, 11, 12, 15
B 63851
Short length, delicate elevator for precise flap elevation.
B 63873
Long, double-ended septal elevator with graduated shaft. For elevation of delicate structures.
B 63867
For precise elevation of the nasal periosteum/perichondrium.


Gruber Rhinoplasty Procedure Set / tray

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