Adjustable Spot Vorotek LED Headlight

Item # B 78471

Adjustable Spot Vorotek LED Headlight – Headband, 10Hr Battery Pack, Charger, And Case


In 2011, Vorotek launched the Vorotek™ LED HeadLight, providing surgical-quality LED Illumination with complete freedom and mobility. LED illumination is replacing fiber optic lighting systems. The intensity and quality of light matches previous hot “xenon” lights, and not being tethered by a fiber optic cable or power cord is a major innovation & benefit.


      • Adjustable Spot Size – The spot size can be adjusted between 50mm—95mm, at a distance of 400mm from the front lens, by simply rotating the lens housing
      • Complete Freedom & Mobility – Headlight is not tethered to a fiber optic light source, giving the user freedom of movement
      • Surgical Quality LED Illumination – The compound lens system & high-efficiency LED technology produces:
        • Light intensity of 90,000 Lux up to a brilliant 150,000 Lux
        • Color temperature of 5700 degrees Kelvin
        • Homogenous edge-to-edge beam uniformity
      • Coaxial LED Illumination – The light can be adjusted to align with the user’s visual pathway, allowing shadow-free illumination of the surgical field of view
      • Fully Integrated, Ergonomic Design – Head-worn, lightweight, and hands-free, the fully integrated design ensures that the loupes and illumination stay precisely aligned
      • Dimmable Light – Provides 7 evenly spaced levels of illumination
      • Portable & AC Power Supply – Lithium-ion battery pack provides 7 – 20 hours “on time” depending on the illumination level used:
        • Fully charges in 4 hours
        • Charger/AC Power Supply can be used to provide continuous use.

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