Large Volume & Power-Assisted Liposuction

B89085 Vibrasat™ Power Unit
B89085 Vibrasat™ Power Unit


  • 2.8mm reciprocating stroke adjustable up to 5000 strokes/min
  • Fully autoclavable handpiece and cable
  • Ergonomic handpiece with just the right balance point to hold it comfortably throughout surgery and reduce vibration in the surgeon’s hand
  • High quality instrument made in Germany

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Large Volume Collection - Vibrasat PAL Unit & cannulas
Large Volume Collection – Vibrasat Power-Assisted Liposuction Unit & cannulas

Benefits of Power-Assisted Liposuction

  • Faster than traditional liposuction which results in reduced OR time
  • Less force and effort is necessary to move the cannula through tissue which reduces surgeon fatigue and increases precision and control
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Vibrasat™ / Power-Assisted Liposuction Large Volume Cannula Patterns

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Fat Collection Canister Kits & Parts

Standard Kits (One Reusable Canister)

Canister Kits are Completely autoclavable and include:

  • Reusable canister, lid and stand
  • Large bore universal taper fitting
  • 6’ silicone suction tubing with coupling piece
  • Silicone transfer tube with Luer Lock fitting with clamp
  • Silicone transfer tube with Toomey syringe fitting with clamp
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