Disposable Lipo Cannulas

  • High quality
  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight for optimal feedback
  • Classic patterns

The Markmann Drain Inserter

Dr. Markmann developed this unique two-part drain inserter to combat ineffective methods for placing drains after liposuction.

This instrument allows the placement of the drain from the mons pubis liposuction site to the lower abdomen, as well as the waist into the flanks.

Surgeons demand precision for perfect results.

We require the same in our surgical instruments.

Who are we?

We started Black & Black Surgical, Inc. in 2007 with the goal of restoring innovative, quality instrumentation to the plastic surgery instrument market.

Combining 90+ years of surgical industry experience, brothers Norman & Bill Black and partner Mike Lacey are fulfilling a need overlooked by multi-billion-dollar corporations: working closely with surgeons to develop superior, procedure-specific instruments and equipment at a fair price.

Serving surgeons with high standards

Black & Black provides quality instruments and superior service to plastic, cosmetic, and facial plastic surgeons.

Whether a surgeon is starting a new practice, or wants to improve their techniques and add new procedures to an established repertoire, our instruments (and our service!) can meet those needs.

Innovating in close partnership with surgeons

As our industry has grown, most instrument distributors/manufacturers gradually lost their drive for innovation.

Increasingly removed from the doctors and patients they serve, large companies often streamline their operations at the expense of focused advances in instrumentation.

In contrast, Black & Black Surgical serves as a sounding board for surgeons—exceeding their expectations for the finest surgical instruments.