Tebbetts Hand-Activated Mono-polar Insulated Forceps

Popular hand-activated, long mono-polar insulated forceps for coagulation. Serrated or smooth jaws. Cord attached.

Tebbetts Mono-polar Insulated Forceps PI Sheet

  • : Insulated


Tebbetts™ Mono-polar Forceps Demo Video

Dr. Tebbetts can be seen demonstrating the forceps in this instructional video.

Our Tebbetts™ mono-polar forceps are the new standard instrument for both tissue dissection and hemostasis – saving time & money. These long, insulated forceps are ideal for for many different procedures.

  • Fine tips for accuracy & speed of tissue dissection
  • Hand-activated switch eliminates the need for foot pedals
  • Attached cord can be used with most ESUs

Tebbetts Mono-polar Insulated Forceps PI Sheet

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Weight 0.4 lbs
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