MicroTouch™ Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

Bipolar Coagulation Forceps for FESS and Skull Base Surgery

Precise Control & Comfort

  • 3mm shaft diameter allows surgeons to precisely coagulate hard to reach areas
  • Shaft rotates 360 degrees for comfortable and precise operation

Sterile Aspiration Tubing

Our MicroTouch™ Sterile Aspiration Tubing provides:

  • Smoke Evacuation
  • Fluid Evacuation
  • Better visualization

Re-usable & Autoclavable

All parts of the MicroTouch™ Forceps can be processed in your autoclave for re-use!

Detachable Forceps Patterns

MicroTouchâ„¢ Bipolar Dissecting Forceps
68906Detachable Bipolar Angled Dissecting Forceps
MicroTouch™ Bipolar Forceps, Detachable, 3mm Shaft - Fenestrated Grasping
68904Detachable Bipolar Fenestrated Grasping Forceps
MicroTouch Bipolar Maryland Dissecting Forceps B68905
68905Detachable Bipolar Maryland Dissecting forceps
MicroTouch Bipolar Spoon Forceps B68907
68907Detachable Bipolar Spoon Forceps, 2 mm
MicroTouch Bipolar Spoon Forceps B68907
68908Detachable Bipolar Spoon Forceps, 2.7 mm

MicroTouch™ Ring Handle and Shaft

MicroTouch™ Tubing and Bipolar Cables