Ergo Handle Endoforehead Procerus Punch Forceps, 6″(15cm), Shaft Straight, Malleable

Item # B65096

6 in (15cm)


The In-Line ERGO handle on the Ramirez instruments represent a major innovation in endoscopic plastic surgery instrumentation. Tactile feedback and sensitivity are greatly increased by the unique handle design.

Easily positioned and manipulated by simply rolling the thumb and Index finger.

Exact dissections of muscle, fascia, and periosteum can easily be accomplished by these versatile instruments.

Designed to allow multiple hand positions thereby increasing comfort and control.

Shafts are insulated and malleable to allow the instrument to be shaped to fit facial contours.

Designed to be introduced through the temporal slit incision to dissect the periosteum at or just above the arcus marginalis.

Excellent for cutting the periosteal attachment to the superolateral orbtial rim.

The In-Line ERGO handle provides greater tactile feedback and control.

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Dimensions 6 in