Tebbetts Nasal Osteotome, 6-7/8″ (17.5cm)

For percutaneous medial or lateral osteotomies, as well as ethmoid and vomer osteotomies. Ergonomic handle provides comfort and control.

  • : 6-7/8″ (17.5cm)


Stainless Steel. Excellent for multiple osteotomy applications. Provides precise percutaneous medial or lateral nasal bone osteotomies as well as ethmoid and vomer osteotomies.

Ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort and control. Serrated, rectangular portion provides stability and control when striking. Rounded, knurled portion facilitates fingertip rotation for greater accuracy and efficiency. Length is sufficient to keep hands from being struck while tapping.

Tebbetts™ Rhinoplasty Set Demo Video

* Used with permission of Dr. John Tebbetts by Black & Black Surgical, Inc. See our Tebbetts™ Rhinoplasty Set for his list of suggested rhinoplasty instruments.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs

6-7/8″ (17.5cm)

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