Vorotek™ Instruments

Vorotek™ is a line of fully integrated optical systems with LED illumination.

Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr John Vorrath. For over forty years Dr Vorrath has been developing and manufacturing fully integrated optical systems with illumination. In 1971, Dr. Vorrath developed the original Voroscope and was the co-developer of the LumiView in 1993. His aim has always been to provide users with products which enhance their capability for examination, instrumentation and procedures. Now, the same precision instruments used by over 95% of Australian ENT surgeons are available from Black & Black Surgical, right here in the US.

Vorotek LED Headlight – Headband, 10Hr Battery Pack, Charger, And Case

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In 2011, Vorotek launched the Vorotek LED HeadLight, providing Surgical Quality LED Illumination with complete freedom and mobility. LED illumination is replacing fiber optic lighting systems. The intensity & quality of the illumination is matched and not being tethered by a fiber optic cable or power cord is a major innovation & benefit.


  • LED Illumination: High-power, 55,000 LUX illumination provides pure white, shadow-free illumination in the field of view. Works with loupes in the up or down position.
  • Fully Integrated, Ergonomic Design: Head-worn, lightweight, and hands-free, the fully integrated design ensures that the loupes and illumination stay precisely aligned.
  • Dimmable Light: Provides 7 evenly spaced levels of illumination.
  • Portable & AC Power Supply: Lithium-ion battery pack provides 10 hours of use and fully charges in 4 hours. Charger/AC Power Supply can be used to provide continuous use