Ramirez Endofacelift Dissector, 9 1/8″(23cm), Midface, #10

Item # B65076

9-1/8 in (23cm)


#10 Dissector. Used for the separation and elevation of the facial attachments to the masseter muscle.
The Ramirez Endofacelift instruments have been developed to facilitate new endoscopic aesthetic surgical procedures. Each instrument is shaped to fit facial contours and designed for specific surgical maneuvers. Dissectors are sequentially numbered in order of use for easier identification and feature ergonomically designed handles for greater comfort and control. The versatility of the set allows the surgeon to perform an endoscopic forehead, face lift or both procedures combined.
For dissecting/elevating the lower portions of the forehead, especially the naso-glabellar area. Length of shaft allows easy access to glabellar region.