Janis Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Set


Janis Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Set

B 55906
Delicate, serrated, with double-beveled blades and semi-sharp outer edges to facilitate dissection.
B 66118
Angled blades for dissection of nasal tip cartilage.
B 66175
Fine dissecting scissors with hole in the distal part of the blade through which suture can be threaded for tendon pulling.
B 60045
Stainless steel with small multiple teeth.
B 63010
Delicate nasal rongeur with double action for increased strength and ease of cut.
B 63873
Long, double-ended septal elevator with graduated shaft. For elevation of delicate structures.
B 61080
Simple retractor designed to enhance visualization during a wide range of procedures. Angled for comfort and reduced fatigue.
B 61045
Delicate, sharp, 4-prong retractor.
B 62002
Holds Bard-Parker Blades 20-25


Janis Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Procedure Set / tray

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