Sheen Rhinoplasty Set


Sheen Rhinoplasty Procedure Set

B 55725
Delicate serrated blades with angled shanks. Serrations on the lower blade help prevent tissue slippage.
B 66127
Popular nasal scissors useful in dissecting and cutting the lower lateral cartilages.
B 55837
Serrated with delicate blades for nasal turbinates and cartilage.
B 66180
Ribbon type scissors with sharp points on short blades.
B 60054
Nasal dressing forceps with offset shanks for added visibility.
B 60085
Long, thin shaft, designed for retrieving bone fragments or nasal cartilage.
B 67226
Useful for reforming soft tissue.
B 67225
Graduated in millimeters with bold centimeter markings.
B 67204
Lead filled head with large comfortable handle.
B 63010
Delicate nasal rongeur with double action for increased strength and ease of cut.
B 64031
Double guarded osteotome, ideal for removing chips or small humps from the nasal dorsum.
B 63874
Facilitates elevation of highly adherent periosteum.
B 63873
Long, double-ended septal elevator with graduated shaft. For elevation of delicate structures.
B 63867
For precise elevation of the nasal periosteum/perichondrium.
B 61027
Popular nasal retractor with concave blade for added operative space and visibility.
B 62000
Holds Bard-Parker Blades 10, 11, 12, 15


Sheen Rhinoplasty Procedure Set / tray

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