MicroTouch™ Bipolar Forceps, Detachable, 3mm Shaft

Detachable forceps for the MicroTouch™ Bipolar Forceps series

  • : 3mm
  • : 6-1/4 in (16cm)


Detachable bipolar forceps for the MicroTouch™ series (for endoscopic sinus surgery and skull base surgery)

  • 3mm shaft diameter allows surgeons to precisely coagulate hard to reach areas
  • Shaft rotates 360 degrees for comfortable and precise operation
  • Reusable and autoclavable
  • For use with the MicroTouch™ Ring Handle & MicroTouch™ Bipolar Shaft

B68904, B 68904 B68905, B-68905 B68906, B-68906 B68907, B-68907 B68908, B-68908

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